Student Storytellers

Dean Maytag
Dean Maytag
Past Chair of the WBA

“Student storytellers” is a new place to go for students and broadcasters.

This new WBA newsroom initiative is designed to foster a dialogue between Wisconsin Broadcasters and students at Wisconsin schools and universities.

Students, this is the place for you, your compelling stories, creatively told, on topics that interest you. It’s the place to showcase your ideas and work, to reporters, news directors, general managers, and producers. It’s the place get feedback and share ideas.

Broadcasters, this is the place to see new work, to find the new storytellers, and to start a dialogue. It’s your own focus group with upcoming talent. Have a question on what drives the new generation? This is the place to ask.

Broadcasting is a dynamic business. We are media companies with web sites, mobile, news, sports, emergency information, music and entertainment. Thousands of Wisconsinites invite us into their homes, autos and cell phones every day.

All of this depends on great storytelling, and this is the place for students and professionals to meet, and share.

Questions? Contact Dean Maytag at  or 414-581-9005. You can also reach out to Linda Baun or via phone 608-729-1480.