Radio Marketing Professional Certification Seminar

About the Program


The Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Foundation (WBAF) offers a special broadcast marketing seminar to Wisconsin College students. The WBA Foundation has pledged its financial support for the 13th year so that a student can take advantage of the Radio Advertising Bureau’s (RAB) Certification program to become a Radio Marketing Professional (RMP). The highly regarded RMP certification seminar, sponsored by the WBA Foundation, is presented in a two day format. No travel is involved. The seminar has been offered at UW-Madison, UW-Stevens Point, UW-River Falls, UW-Green Bay, UW-Oshkosh, UW-La Crosse, North Central Technical College in Wausau, Nicolet Area Technical College in Rhinelander and Appleton North High School.

Even if students are not interested in sales or marketing, the seminar introduces them to the business portion of media and helps them understand how media sales relates to programming decisions, including those involving news and sports broadcasting.

The Course

The RAB’s Radio Marketing Professional (RMP) diploma course is one of the ways to get off to a profitable start. The RMP is the entry-level program in the professional certification series for sellers with less than 18 months experience. This groundbreaking course is being taught in seminar form on campuses throughout the state so valuable hours won’t be tied up with travel. Candidates must successfully complete a one-hour multiple-choice exam to earn an RMP designation and receive a handsome diploma. The exam is given on the second day of the seminar.

Ken Beno, WBA Education Chair and Instructor

Key concepts covered include

The Role of the Radio Marketing Consultant

Prospecting—Finding and Evaluating Prospects

Getting the First Call Appointments

Client Needs Analysis

Elements of a Good Written Proposal

Differences between Features and Benefits

Understanding Competitive Media

Benefits of Radio

Designing Successful Schedules

Designing the Best Presentations

Addressing Objections and Closing

More Sales Through Buyer Style Identification

Resources of the Radio Advertising Bureau

Fundamentals of Co-op Advertising

Non-Traditional Revenue

Goals and Time Management

The Benefits

Thanks to the generous financial support of the WBA Foundation, your cost for the two day seminar is only $20. This includes instruction, materials and the certification exam. Normal cost for the RMP is $339.

The opportunity to take the RMP exam on campus at a greatly reduced rate for the RMP course and exam.

Expert assistance with exam material from a veteran instructor

Additional broadcast marketing knowledge to supplement what is being taught in the college classroom

Acquisition of RMP certification to add to a resume;

If desired, your name sent to stations around the state


The objectives of the WBA Foundation in offering this opportunity are to certify students to be RMP’s and to expand awareness of the advantages of a career in broadcast sales among Wisconsin college students. If you are interested in having the seminar on campus or have any questions, please contact:

Since the beginning of the seminars in February 2007, 838 students have been certified as Radio Marketing Professionals. A total of 53 seminars have been offered through December, 2018.  Twelve have been presented at Northcentral Technical College in Wausau, ten at UW-Oshkosh, nine at UW-Stevens Point, eight at UW-Madison, seven at UW-River Falls, three at Appleton North East, and West High Schools, two at UW-Green Bay, and one at UW-La Crosse and Nicolet Area Technical College in Rhinelander.