Walker Broadcast Management Institute

About the Program


The Walker Broadcast Management Institute is now in its 23rd year, having completed its first seven 3-year management education cycles in 2018.  The 2022 Institute marks the second year of another 3-year cycle (although you may join the cycle at any time) and is designed for broadcast managers and those seeking or being prepared for broadcast management positions.

The 2022 session will be held April 19-21, 2022 in Madison. The 2022 courses are the courses that were scheduled for 2020, which were cancelled because of COVID-19.

For registration information please call the WBA office: 608-255-2600


Day 1

Investigating Leadership Style

  • Understand the distinction between foundational leadership styles, situational leadership styles and strategic leadership styles
  • Assess yourself in each of these three styles and validate that assessment
  • Recognize opportunities to use each of these three styles in your own work

Presented by Steve King,  Retired Executive Director of the UW Business School’s Center for Professional and Executive Development. The Center is housed at the Fluno Center on the UW-Madison campus. Prior to taking this role, King was the VP of Global Talent Management for Baxter Healthcare; the EVP of Human Resources for Hewitt Associates and VP of Leadership and Change Management for BMO/Harris. His 30-year corporate career has focused on both the development of managers and leadership, as well as serving in those very roles himself for three Fortune 1,000 companies.


(Evening – dinner with group – Porta Bella)

Day 2

Customer Service

  • Understand what customer satisfaction is and define its relationship to customer service
  • Explore how employee engagement can contribute to increasing customer satisfaction
  • Determine how improving metrics can make a meaningful contribution to achieving customer satisfaction goals
  • Examine how an organization can prepare for and respond to customer service disasters
  • Outline the fundamental elements of building a customer service organizational culture

Presented by Moses Altsech, (Ph.D., Marketing, Penn State) who teaches Marketing at the Wisconsin School of Business and is President of Altsech Consulting. Over the last 25 years Dr. Altsech has been an award-winning professor, consultant, speaker and trainer, helping companies worldwide serve their clients better, conduct cutting-edge research, innovate training, and improve marketing and strategic planning. He has been featured as an expert on several TV and other media outlets. Information about his expertise and clients appears at www.callmoses.com or www.linkedin.com/in/callmoses.

Evening guest speaker at the Fluno Center Binnu Palta Hill

“Enhancing Employee Engagement, Innovation and Performance by Leading Inclusively”

Managers have a direct impact engagement and performance of their team members. Research shows that leaders who practice inclusive leadership are able to nurture cohesive teams with lower turnover and higher performance than their counterparts. In this session, we will examine the signature traits of an inclusive leader, including the mindset and behaviors that enable us to become more effective and influential.

Hill leads the Office of Diversity by developing and leading the school’s diversity and inclusion strategy. She is responsible for integrating diversity and inclusion strategic goals in all programs, departments, and units through partnerships with chairs, faculty, program leadership, and staff.

Day 3

Financial Management for Broadcasters

  • How do you evaluate lease vs. buy in capital acquisition?
  • How do you value a broadcast property for sale? For purchase?
  • How do you make crucial financial decisions related to debt? Equity? Venture capital?
  • What is the effect of different ownership structures?
  • How does the stock market value shares of stock?

Presented by Thomas A. Walker, President, Mid-West Management Inc., licensee of radio stations in Madison, La Crosse, Eau Claire, Illinois, Michigan and Missouri. Walker has an MBA from the UW-Madison, was a lecturer for the UW-Madison School of Business and a Senior Manager for KPMG Peat Marwick. He is a graduate of the first 3-year cycle of the Walker Broadcast Management Institute and has specially designed this Institute’s Financial Management module for broadcast managers and those seeking or being prepared for management-level positions in broadcasting.


We would like to extend our deepest appreciation to the estate of William R. Walker which graciously donated funds to endow the WBA Foundation Management Institute. The gift is the largest single contribution ever received by the Foundation.

About William Walker

William Walker was known to station personnel all over Wisconsin and neighboring states for the unique business structure of his broadcasting company. He fostered the growth of that company, the Mid-West Family Group, by encouraging managers to participate in their radio station’s ownership. Walker started his broadcasting career in 1950, becoming the guiding force behind the Mid-West Family stations in 1961 when he devised the manager-ownership participation model on which it thrived. The Mid-West Family Group at one time or another has had a radio presence in over 40 stations in nearly 25 cities in Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa and Missouri.

We would like to extend our deepest appreciation to the estate of William R. Walker which graciously donated funds to endow the WBA Foundation Management Institute. The gift is the largest single contribution ever received by the Foundation.

Walker Management Institute Graduates

The following are graduates of the three-year module:

  • Kelly Fuller, WAOW-TV
  • Dave Jensch, KBJR-TV
  • Doug Barrow, WPTA-TV
  • Ruby Gutierrez, WOMT-AM
  • Theresa Wopat, WXOW-TV
  • Dan Szyjewski, WCLO/WJVL
  • Shar Hermanson, WCLO-WJVL
  • Susie Carlson, Mid-West Family Broadcasting- La Crosse
  • Scott Stach, Mid-West Family Broadcasting - La Crosse
  • Allen Wiese, KTTC-TV
  • Mitch Reynolds, Mid-West Family Broadcasting
  • Betsy Keefe, WSAW-TV
  • Dave Conour, WNWC-FM
  • Joe Marroe, Woodward Radio Group
  • Kevin Millard, WXOW-TV
  • Audrey Moon, WREX-TV
  • Jesse Bolder, WJJQ-AM/FM
  • Tom Galante, Mid-West Family Broadcasting
  • Fletcher Keyes, Mid-West Family Broadcasting
  • Mark Birtch, Mid-West Family Broadcasting
  • Pat Heffling, iHeartMedia
  • Stephanie Hedrick, KWQC-TV
  • Jacque Harms, KOLN/KGIN
  • Marty Winters, KOLN/KGIN
  • Matt Kummer, WBAY-TV
  • Nancy Stillwell, Madison College
  • Brenda Schultz, Seehafer Broadcasting
  • Jessica Laszewski, WSAW-TV
  • Bruce Barrows, WNWC-FM
  • Justin Hull, Woodward Radio Group
  • Merry Ewing, WPTA-TV
  • Jill Genter, WKOW-TV
  • Ed Reams, WKOW-TV
  • Brad Heinkel, WAOW-TV
  • Tracy Balzer, Mid-West Family Broadcasting
  • Anna Engelhart, WKOW-TV
  • Kyle Geissler, WISC-TV
  • David Hyland, Wisconsin Public Radio
  • Jim Murphy, WRJC AM/FM
  • Steve Schlutt, Mid-West Family Broadcasting
  • Mark Van Allen, Mid-West Family Broadcasting
  • Steve Young, WNWC-FM