Engineering Fellowship Grants

The WBA and the WBA Foundation appreciate those who have chosen broadcast engineering as a profession. We realize that all broadcast engineers must stay current in broadcast engineering knowledge, skills, practices, and technologies, and that involves an investment of time and money.

As the broadcast industry evolves, so must our understanding of how to implement new media transmission. Unfortunately, often busy schedules and tight budgets for most engineering departments do not permit engineers to learn new skills and acquire an understanding of new technology. How are broadcast engineers able to keep up-to-date so that our industry thrives?

The WBA and the WBA Foundation offer Engineering Fellowship Grants. This program is meant to provide a stipend for broadcast engineers currently serving Wisconsin member stations to acquire continuing education in broadcast engineering.

Broadcast Engineers will apply directly to the WBA. The WBA Foundation will award up to four $500 grants or two $1,000 grants statewide. These grants are to be used for continuing engineering education such as courses in information technology/networking, engineering leadership/management, electrical engineering/transmission courses, or other “new technology” training. This is NOT to be used for trade shows but is rather intended for enrollment in continuing education courses, post-secondary education courses, or factory training on broadcast equipment. Travel-related expenses may be covered by grant monies.

The engineer must complete the application form and include details of the exact educational program requested and its projected costs. Grants have a $1,000 maximum.

Applications must be made to the WBA at least two months before educational training is slated to begin. The WBA Foundation Board will assess applications and award the Fellowships.

Funding for the grant is from donations made in the name of WBA Hall of Famer Terry Baun.

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    For more information contact the WBA at 800-236-1922