The FCC  allows one full credit per two year segment for participating in scholarship programs designed to assist students interested in pursuing a career in broadcasting. The WBA Foundation has established a scholarship program which extends scholarships to worthy students on an annual basis. As with any of these other credits, your station’s participation in the scholarship program must be substantial and go beyond simply donating money.

While you should consult with your own communications counsel to assess the credit to which you are entitled, we suggest that to obtain one full credit for every two year period, each SEU should at a minimum:

1) donate at least once every two years to the Foundation (earmarked for scholarships). These donations are critical to funding scholarships. 
2) promote the availability of the scholarship program over the SEU’s stations and direct interested candidates to mail, fax or e-mail the station requests for an application,
3) provide blank application forms upon request (which the WBA will provide you),
4) be available to answer questions about the program from interested persons, and
5) provide employees to work with the Selection Committee in the selection process by providing the Committee with the SEU’s evaluation of each candidate. Greater participation from station employees on the Foundation’s committee that administers the scholarship program will help to justify the credit.

The WBA Foundation will send each SEU copies of the applications received and will ask for input based on such factors as the student’s GPA, post high school employment & extracurricular activities, awards & honors, broadcasting experience and commitment, his/her response to an essay question, and other factors the Selection Committee and the SEU may deem relevant from time to time, before they are sent on to the Education Committee and the WBA Foundation Board of Directors for final judging.

While the FCC does not specify the size of contributions to scholarship programs, the WBA suggests that stations make minimum contributions of at least:
$100 for radio SEU’s with 1 or 2 stations
$200 for radio SEUs with three or more stations
$300 for TV SEUs

To participate, fill out the form and make your donation.

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